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Your business needs payroll services.

Faster, easier payroll solutions that unlock insights, improve compliance, and drive towards comprehensive human capital management.

Payroll processing isn’t just about paying your people. Consider all the parts of your business that touch – and are touched by – your payroll functions. Now consider all that payroll processing data and how it can help you with other parts of your business. New business insights. Easier compliance. A shortcut to taking your Human Capital Management to the next level.

Doing payroll better means:

  • Lowering risk of non compliance of various statutes which attracts penalties.
  • Expertise in employment-related Tax and Compliance matters.
  • Vast reductions in time, effort and money spent on payroll administration.
  • Putting payroll services into the hands of employees, wherever they are.
  • VAISH & CO. gives you multiple payroll solutions options for paying your employees, while offering you cost savings and security.

We’re ready when you are

Get more from payroll services through better integration and consolidation – and preparation for handling various requirements. It’s time to rethink payroll. Are you ready?


Travel Insurance

Leave travel nightmares behind to have a dream trip! Opt for Travel Insurance and have a worry free trip abroad.

Car Insurance

Third Party car insurance provides cover against any legal liability to a third party caused when you are at-fault driver. It covers damage/injury caused by you to another person/property. A Third Party Liability cover is legally mandatory in India under the Motor Vehicles Act.

Life Insurance

A variety of life insurance plans and policies to meet each individual’s insurance needs and requirements. We provide different insurance products for needs like Protection, Savings & Investments, Children education and marriage, Retirement, Health related and women specific. We help you in becoming financially independent so that you can live your life on your own terms.

Home Insurance

Protect it with Home Insurance Policy. You spend your lifetime in dreaming about a home of your own. You take the help of financial institutions to fulfil your dream. Along with the pleasure of fulfilling your dream come the liability and the responsibility of paying for the same over the next few years. we make things easy for you to protect your dream home. With Home Insurance Policy, you can truly enjoy the home you have just acquired.

Health Insurance

Thanks to sedentary lifestyle, health insurance has become a necessity for every individual in the last few years. This is also the reason ‘people are genuinely concerned about their health’. As a result, they give right amount of thoughts at the time when they are considering to buy health insurance policy.

To elaborate on the shift in mindset, an individual has started looking at the broader aspect of their life and its health care needs. And the best part is that they have started accepting the fact that they actually do need health insurance, however the reasons may vary from one person to another.

Health Insurance offers the best health insurance plans in India today, for men and women of any age. Offers individual health insurance plans, family floater health insurance plans and group health insurance policies for corporates. Various health insurance policies will not only guard you against the present and future spiraling healthcare costs, but will also guide you on the path to wellness for the long term.

General Insurance

General insurance covers insurance of property against fire, Marine, burglary, theft; personal insurance covering health, travel and accidents; and liability insurance covering legal liabilities. This category of insurance virtually covers all forms of insurance except life. Other covers may include insurance against errors and omissions for professionals, credit insurance etc. Common forms of general insurance are motor, fire, home, marine, health, travel, accident and other miscellaneous forms of non-life insurance.

Unlike life insurance policies, the tenure of general insurance policies is normally not that of a lifetime. The usual term lasts for the duration of a particular economic activity or for a given period of time. Most general insurance products are annual contracts. There are however, a few products which have a long term.

You're alive. Do something. The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated. It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences. It sounded like this: Look. Listen. Choose. Act.

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